Week of February 18th, 2020 and Beyond

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Dave says:

I'm busy! Let's get crackin'! Tuesday at the Mayflower just keeps gettin' better and better, especially now that we have drums. This time it's Jim Gwin, Fred's cousin. Pop goes the pops! Of course, Marquee Swirly, Zakattack Gorrell, Thom Palance, and myself will be there. It's a great excuse to go over the bridge. This week's special: Cho Kon It, plenty for two…..hours 630 to 930

Thursday night! Welcome back Mr. Johnny "Bluehorn" Morricone. The fastest gun in the west; Ma., that is. All the way from Woosta! It's always a blast having him raise the stakes. He brings such a great sense of joy to the stage. Beltin' out melodies on his blue trumpet and crooning a la' Bingh Crosbee when necessary. Plus Blobby Gus, a truly authentic Jimmy Johnson acolyte will be scratchin' that gootar. And Ed Scheer will be doin' drum dooties and begging the question and the tip jar. Don't miss this!

Sunday, I'll be in Newton at Union St Grille backin' up Ms. Lisa Marie. Change your battery in your old pacemaker. Furiously led by Chris "Stovetop" Brown on catarrh and Bob "The Bob" Dallas on drums.

Salties off till March 2 so we can get our teeth adjusted.



Feb 6 mike O'Connell and Dave Brown
Feb 13 JB Amero, Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks, Dan King
Feb 20 Johnny Bluehorn
Feb 27 john Keegan, Mark Earley

Mar 5 Toni Lynn Washington
Mar 12 TBA
Mar 19 Chris "Stovall" Brown
Mar 26 tim Pike

April 2 Sax Gordon April9 Brian Templeton
April 16 Danielle Miraglia
April 23 sonia Rae and Ryan Taylor
April 30 Dennis Brennan

As usual, thank you very much for helping keep the Music alive!

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